Medical Sales College uses state-of-the-art virtual reality software to ensure students receive
surgeon-level experiences with cutting-edge procedures and devices.

Student Testimonial

“When learning with Medical Sales College’s virtual reality you can really see first hand some challenges that the surgeon might encounter that you normally wouldn’t consider. It was great seeing the process through the eyes of a surgeon!”

VR Training

Colby Roloff
MSC Graduate

How It Works

Through our partnership with OSSO VR, a leading virtual reality surgical training company, we offer hands-on experience with immersive technology using Smith and Nephew products. This innovative platform provides our students access to analytics dashboards, receiving real-time feedback along with tailored guidance from our industry experts to help them reach proficiency in the operating room.

MSC Virtual Reality Training
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MSC Virtual Reality Training

Using virtual reality, we provide surgical education that is effective and measurable. Students experience a simulated operating room environment to prepare them for a career in medical device sales. Virtual reality goes beyond showing students what they will experience in the operating room. It provides real-life scenarios to give them the confidence to be successful in a medical device sales career.

We would like to thank OSSO VR and Smith and Nephew for their partnership in providing programs to train our students using virtual reality.