Student Testimonials

Tysen Manross

Hometown: Highlands Ranch, CO

Class Speciality: 6-Week Spine

Company Placement: SterileBits

Tell me a little about your background?

I was in the construction industry for 26 years. With The last 16 of those years owning my own company. The majority of work I did were additions and remodels to hospitals.

Why were you interested in Medical Sales? What drew you to this industry?

In my projects over the years I dealt with a lot of medical device companies. In 2003 I briefly considered starting a division that would distribute medical devices, but found due to the lack of knowledge and experience in the medical field, as well as the “good old boy” network this industry is, it would not be feasible at the time

How long did you try to get into the industry? What was that experience like?

Three-month period in 2003, a very close network was not open to outsiders

How did you learn about Medical Sales College?

Two family members attended.

Did you have any fears about attending the School? What were they?

Yes, would I be able to break into the industry and how long would it take.

What ultimately made you decide to attend the College?

This was one way of opening the door into that community, as well as gaining knowledge of the industry.

Describe your experience once you began training with Medical Sales College.

The first two weeks was like taking a drink of water from a fire hose, it then smoothed out from. I loved my main two instructors Teresa and Rebecca. They taught us more than just the “what” is done. They got into the why and how the patient got there. It was also a joy to see how passionate they were about their industry and their willingness to talk about their personal experiences.

Explain what your interview process was like.

It was kind of funny, they had sent me an email of inquiry about their opportunity. I then responded to their email stating that I had three questions I wanted to discuss before we set up an interview. When Stu and I were able to connect on the phone to discuss those three questions, it turned into an hour and a half conversation that ended with “I will send you a copy of our agreement”.

What from your training did you specifically use during the interview process that ultimately helped you land your position?

Some of the terminology and industry knowledge gave me the ability to hold an intelligent conversation as well as being able to tweak my past experiences into related topics.

What is your current job like?

Definitely forging a path with not only a new product, but also a new company brings its own unique challenges, as well as its rewards.

What was the most valuable thing you learned at Medical Sales College/What piece of training do you use the most in your day-to-day activities?

Getting a look into a surgeon’s mind and thought processes, not to mention the relationships and interactions that pertain to hospital within this industry.

Why should someone attend the Medical Sales College if they want this career?

It helps you to learn the basic knowledge and procedures of the industry, with also giving you a glimpse of that unique 10% trade secret that every industry has.