Student Testimonials

Jacob Rubin

Hometown: Palm Desert, CA

Class Speciality: Spine

Company Placement: DePuy Synthes

Tell me a little about your background?

After graduating from Palm Desert High School, I traveled to the east coast where I attended Lafayette College in Easton, PA as a Neuroscience major.

Why were you interested in Medical Sales? What drew you to this industry?

I come from a family of physicians, however I never wanted to attend medical school (due to the amount of debt that one incurs when becoming a doctor). When researching different individuals in the operating room that I could eventually become, I realized that a medical rep plays a pivotal role in the hospital (and, of course, is compensated as such). Due to my background in Neuroscience, I decided to pursue spinal technologies and am more that happy with my choice.

How long did you try to get into the industry? What was that experience like?

During my senior year of college, I applied to various medical representative positions. It did not take long for me to get denied from every position from which I applied, so once I graduated I managed to gain some sales experience as an insurance agent. After working in insurance for only three months, I heard about the Medical Sales College and realized that the school was the ticket I needed in order to complete my resume. After being accepted and graduating from MSC, I followed their instructions in regards to networking and received a job offer within a month.

How did you learn about Medical Sales College?

Word of mouth.

Did you have any fears about attending the School? What were they?

My main fear was that attending MSC would be a waste of time and money, however their statistic of a 94% job placement rate put me at ease.

What ultimately made you decide to attend the College?

When I initially tried to enter the industry without any prior experience or specialized training, I was shot down immediately. I realized that I required another dynamic to my resume that would enable me to not only get an interview, but also sound intelligent during that interview. Without MSC, there would have been little to no chance of getting an interview. If I were lucky enough to land one, there would be no way I could sound keen about the medical device industry. MSC gave me the tools that I needed in order to succeed.

Describe your experience once you began training with Medical Sales College.

Our instructor, Rebecca Camp, was amazing. She was knowledgeable, kind, and incredibly informed about the field of spinal technologies. She genuinely wanted everyone to succeed in their goals and would do everything in her power to make that happen for each individual student.

Explain what your interview process was like.

In total, I had five interviews (three phone and two face-to-face) with DePuy.

What from your training did you specifically use during the interview process that ultimately helped you land your position?

In depth knowledge of technologies and competitors along with how to prepare for specific interviews helped immensely. For example, during my last interview I was told to present and review two DePuy technologies. In preparation for the interview, I created a PowerPoint and printed out the slides in order to appear as prepared as possible.

What was the most valuable thing you learned at Medical Sales College/What piece of training do you use the most in your day-to-day activities?

Through Rebecca’s worksheet, the quad breakdown sheet, I am able to understand the various technologies that DePuy has to offer along with the major competitors to that technology.

Why should someone attend the Medical Sales College if they want this career?

The medical device industry is a competitive one, so young professionals nowadays require an edge over other applicants in order to get an interview and hopefully, a job in the industry. MSC is exactly that, the advantage that young professionals such as myself require in order to get placed.