Student Testimonials

Jaclyn Oakes

Jaclyn Oakes

Hometown: Richmond, Virginia

Class Speciality: Orthopedic Reconstruction & Trauma

Company Placement: Arthrex

Tell me a little about your background?

I graduated from Randolph-Macon College in 2016 with a BS in biology, from there I worked as a medical scribe, executive sales assistant, and compliance associate for a durable medical equipment company before investing in attending Medical Sales College!

Why were you interested in Medical Sales? What drew you to this industry?

I have always been passionate about health care and have aligned my previous education and employment in healthcare, but I was not happy with the lack of drive and people-oriented roles I had been in before. Medical device sales puts all of that together for me. You work hard, but you are rewarded for that work in the longterm and at the same time you are helping better the lives of others... Since day 1 of MSC I have never regretted attended.

How long did you try to get into the industry? What was that experience like?

The first time I applied for any medical device role was straight out of college and then on and off throughout my first 2.5 years post-grad. I only received 1 interview for any medical device focused role in that entire time... vs. upon graduation from MSC I had 7 interviews lined up and was hired within 1.5 weeks.

How did you learn about Medical Sales College?

One of my friends from college attended MSC right after graduation and was immediacy hired as a sports med rep in Chicago. He loved it!

What ultimately made you decide to attend the College?

I wanted the career change and I felt strongly that this move into medical device sales was right for me - MSC was the perfect stepping stone for that. MSC is a short-term investment that results in huge long term benefits.

Describe your experience once you began training with Medical Sales College.

All of the training instructors at MSC are amazing. Biologics was our first week and I quickly found out that is where my passion is (very thankful to have gotten a job in biologics as well), but it was certainly "drinking from a fire hose." You need to be ready to put in the work - which means being ready to LEARN! Being a good rep in the field includes constantly learning and finding different ways to get better.

Also, Rick Prentiss of Dallas is THE MAN. He spent the majority of our weeks with my class and I could not be more thankful for his knowledge and teaching skills in showing us "real life orthopedics." I accredit much of my success to Rick's foundational teachings.

What is the most valuable piece of information that you learned from MSC which ultimately helped you land your position? I honestly cannot pinpoint just one thing - MSC helped me in SO many ways! Very thankful!

Explain what your interview process was like.

The biologics manager reached out to me via LinkedIn requesting my resume, the next day I had an interview with two managers, the following week I had a full day ride along with both of those managers and an interview with the regional sales manager. The next day I was offered the job!

What is your current job like?

Medine of Texas is a fantastic distributorship to work for and Arthrex aligns perfectly with that. I also love getting to work in Austin, Texas!

Why should someone attend the Medical Sales College if they want this career?

If you are ready to put in the work to be a medical device rep. then Medical Sales College is the perfect place for you to start a foundation of knowledge in the field. They want their students not to just "get a job," but be the best at their jobs and they give you the tools to do so.

What do you know now that you wish you had known before entering the industry/attending Medical Sales College?

I wish I had gone to MSC sooner!