Student Testimonials

Haylee Roggin

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Class Speciality: 8-Week Online Orthobiologics

Company Placement: Revanix Biomedical

Why were you interested in pursuing medical sales as a career?

As someone who has dabbled in various career fields such as guest services, finance, fitness, and several management positions, I have had the pleasure to grow in many different ways. I know it was extremely important to have those experiences to discover what I am truly passionate about. Using these experiences and applying my knowledge to a new field gives me the upper hand in knowing I am certain that this is the career move for me. As a medical device sales representative, you are saving lives differently. My dream, when I was younger, was to attend medical school and become a surgeon. Once I realized that I enjoy creating relationships while learning about medical devices, it seemed like the perfect job for me! I want to be able to help people while also being in an operating room amongst genius surgeons and medical professionals. Combining my past work experiences with this new journey will be the ultimate dream fulfilled.

How did you learn about Medical Sales College?

I heard about MSC through googling "how to get into medical sales", then my friend who works in Spine at Globus told me that it is a really great way to get into the industry.

What ultimately made you decide to attend?

Kim Smalley! I had the best conversation with her and she really made me feel like I was making the right decision. I think it was amazing getting a preview of what the college would be like on the webinar, but having that one on one phone call with her sold me on the idea. I knew that I wanted to go in this field, but she made me feel like I would truly succeed in it.Less than 6 months

Why should someone attend Medical Sales College?

If you want the opportunity to learn medical devices, practice talking to surgeons, understand different medical specialties, and practice interviewing, then this school is going to prepare you for the industry. Instructors like Andrea, who give their personal thoughts and knowledge on the industry to help steer you in the right direction. I got a job 2 weeks after graduating, and I know it's because MSC gave me the confidence to interview like I already had the job!

How long did you try to get into the industry before attending MSC? What was that experience like?

Less than 6 months

Please briefly explain your job interview process with your hiring company.

Once my profile was posted on Zero Fee Recruiting, I immediately received several emails. I had about 3 interviews with different companies, and messaged with a few different people on LinkedIn. The reason my company stood out to me was that my boss called me to discuss the Houston position. He actually was a MSC graduate as well, which really made me feel comfortable right away. The entire process was very quick before I received my offer due to the nature of needing to get someone into my position soon. I graduated from MSC on May 23, and I had my first offer June 8th. During my actual interview, I steered the conversation by presenting my 30-60-90, and discussing different products that I had profiled. I truly think this is what made me the strongest candidate for the position.

What was the most valuable thing you learned at Medical Sales College/What piece of training do you use the most in your day-to-day activities?

Besides the fact that I loved learning all the material and having a crash course in different specialities, I believe that learning how to research was a huge factor. In my interview, I was overly prepared with a business plan, 30-60-90, and even researched some products to steer the conversation better. Also, making sure my LinkedIn was fully up to date completely changed the game. It gave me an advantage over so many other people trying to find a job!