Student Testimonials

Haley Gadd

Hailey Gadd

Hometown: Fort Thomas, KY

Class Speciality: 10

Company Placement: Intuitive Surgical

Personal Testimony

I accepted a position last Friday with Intuitive Surgical as a CTA for the Cincinnati area. Starting July 10th, I'll be working with the da Vinci and surgeons who specialize in robotic surgery. This job is very different than the specialties I was taught at MSC, but I am extremely excited for the opportunity to continue to learn. I also wanted to say I am beyond grateful for everything MSC has done for me, never in a million years would I have imagined getting to choose what position I wanted out of four amazing companies! I'm super excited about the job, and humbled for this amazing opportunity! Thanks again for all of your help! Hope all is well with everyone!

Hailey Gadd