Student Testimonials

Demitrious Minor

Demetrius Minor

Hometown: Decatur, GA

Class Speciality: Academy 10-week

Company Placement: Medtronic

Personal Testimony

“Just wanted to take a moment to thank you and everyone at the Medical Sales College for the knowledge, training and inspiration for my career transition. I have to admit I was afraid and skeptical about coming to MSC. Leaving the security of the military is hard for any service member and starting a career in medical device sales is very difficult and you only hear about “how hard” it is to get in. And after several “NOs” I understood. MSC gave me the tools, technical knowledge and mentality needed not only to “get into” the industry but to thrive. Since leaving the school, I have had several interviews with top companies and every time they wanted to know more about the school and applauded my efforts to go the extra mile to start my career. I am proud to say that today I accepted a position with Medtronic in their spine division. It is also something to say about the MSC alumni. There is a sense of pride when you meet and talk to a MSC alum. The growing network is an increasing force in the industry. They are willing to help you because they know the level of effort and technical expertise you possess when you have that certificate because they did it themselves. The ten weeks I spent in Colorado seems like a lifetime ago, but everyday when I go to work and help change the life of a patient and my family, I’m reminded of the best decision of my life.”

Demetrius Minor