Student Testimonials

Cassidy Herrmann

Hometown: Millstadt, IL

Class Speciality: Orthopaedic Reconstruction & Trauma

Company Placement: Lincare

Tell me a little about your background?

I graduated from Missouri State University with a degree in Health Communication. Then, I found out about Medical Sales College and decided I wanted to take the leap of faith and go to Dallas, TX for the program. After the program, I fell in love with medical sales and couldn’t wait to start my career.

Why were you interested in Medical Sales? What drew you to this industry?

I have always wanted to be in the healthcare industry in some way. But I didn’t learn about medical sales until recently. After I heard more and more about the industry I couldn’t wait to jump into it because this is the type of career I have always been searching for.

How did you learn about Medical Sales College?

Kendra Harms, a previous MSC graduate. And found it on google after searching medical sales.

What ultimately made you decide to attend the College?

I wanted to gain experience and knowledge within the medical sales industry and knew this would be a great way.

Describe your experience once you began training with Medical Sales College.

My training experience was so amazing! I learned so much from all of the instructors. I liked how they talked about real experiences throughout their career because it helped me understand what the industry is like and what to expect.

What is your current job like?

My job has been great so far. I have learned so much about the products and the way their business works.

What was the most valuable thing you learned at Medical Sales College/What piece of training do you use the most in your day-to-day activities?

The most valuable information I learned from MSC was doing presentations/inservices. It helped me to be able to put together a presentation in a short period of time and to practice talking in front of 20+ people.

Please briefly explain your job interview process.

The interview process was a lengthy process. The thing I heard the most was that I didn’t have experience so that was a tough thing to hear. But, Lincare told me that they liked that I didn’t have experience so they could train me.

Why should someone attend the Medical Sales College if they want this career?

I think it’s a great program for someone who wants to be in the medical sales industry because it gives you an understanding of what to expect and shows you how to become a confident person when talking to people you don’t know.

What do you know now that you wish you had known before entering the industry/attending Medical Sales College?

I was told this many times but for being an impatient person, I didn’t realize that the job search and interview process would really take as long as it did. And proving to them why you would be a great fit even though you don’t have experience.