Student Testimonials

Brook Taylor

Hometown: Houston, TX

Class Speciality: Orthopaedic Reconstruction and Trauma

Company Placement: IQVIA

Tell me a little about your background?

I have been in pharmaceutical sales since 2011 and have sold specialty drugs to Neurologists, Internal Medicine and Pediatricians. I began my sales career as an advertising sales rep and then sold respiratory DME, prior to becoming a pharmaceutical rep.

Why were you interested in Medical Sales? What drew you to this industry?

I got into medical sales because I wanted to sell something that helped people and made a difference in their lives. Once I learned about surgical sales, I wanted to get involved because I found the nature of the work more interesting and rewarding than pharmaceutical sales.

How long did you try to get into the industry? What was that experience like?

I tried to get into surgical sales after getting laid off from pharmaceutical positions twice in 2016. I felt like my talents and skills would be better used in surgical sales, but when I applied I would immediately get rejected because of having a pharmaceutical background, which I thought would be a beneficial background. I tried networking and even that wasn't effective, so I decided I needed to prove my value and bring something to the table.

How did you learn about Medical Sales College?

I was googling and found MSC and then I reached out to a few students via LinkedIn.

Did you have any fears about attending the School? What were they?

I was concerned that it could have been a waste of effort. I was hesitant to quit my pharmaceutical sales job. I ultimately decided that I owed it to myself to get a job that I found interesting and I'm happy that it worked out.

What ultimately made you decide to attend the College?

I decided that if I didn't attend, then I'd keep getting the same results. I knew I was taking a risk, but I felt so passionate about being in surgical sales that I knew I'd be miserable if I didn't give it my best effort.

Describe your experience once you began training with Medical Sales College.

I was thrilled to meet the instructors and found them to be top notch. I found that I could learn a lot of material in a short time frame because of them. I especially enjoyed the hands-on part of the curriculum. I found the sales portion to be very accurate and useful. I felt like the whole process helped me to better myself and polish my skill set.

Explain what your interview process was like.

It was sometimes a struggle dealing with hiring managers who couldn't see the value I brought to the table, however, I could have easily gotten into the industry if I would have settled for a lower salary than what I really wanted. I learned not to put all my eggs into one basket and I kept persisting until I found the perfect match. I ended up getting a position where I'm making a comparable salary to what I made in my last pharmaceutical job. The training from MSC regarding doing product and territory research helped me stand out amongst other candidates. The position I ultimately landed had a huge response from interested candidates, so I'm thrilled that I had the skills to come out on top.

What from your training did you specifically use during the interview process that ultimately helped you land your position?

I did research and was prepared to role play the products. I made a business plan that showed I wouldn't need my hand held and I'd be able to immediately impact the territory.

What is your current job like?

I'm starting next week. I'm going to be in the OR 3-5 hernia repair cases a day, calling on General surgeons.

What was the most valuable thing you learned at Medical Sales College/What piece of training do you use the most in your day-to-day activities?

How to build rapport with surgeons and sell to them. It's very matter of fact and leaves no room for error.

Why should someone attend the Medical Sales College if they want this career?

I think they should attend if surgical sales is really their dream and they want to bring something of value to the table for their future employer.