Get Experience in Medical Device Sales

Required Job Experience
At the Medical Sales College our intense education is recognized by employers as the required experience needed for employment. Most graduates have the clinical experience as if they have been in medical device sales between 12-24 months.
On Campus – Online Courses
Courses can be completed in as little as eight-weeks. The candidate may elect to complete courses at one of our college campuses or a combination of online and campus education. All courses have been approved from the Department of Higher Education. – View Available Courses
Industry Experienced Instructors
All of our instructors have significant medical device experience. In total, we have more than 200+years in the field of medical device sales. – View Our Instructors
Surgical Education
In our Specialty and Master Courses, you will attend surgical observation with our surgeon faculty. – View Our Surgeons
New Campuses
In 2010, we launched our first campus in Denver, Colorado. With the significant increase in demand from both employers and prospective students, we have expanded to Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Salt Lake City, San Diego, Sarasota/Tampa and Washington DC – View Our Campuses
Duration of Education

Select A Course

We encourage prospective students to review course options. All eight-week specialty courses follow the same instructional agenda described below. Upon arrival at any of our campuses, students will complete: One-Week in Professional Representative Certification, One-Week in Biologics, Three-Weeks in Specialty Curriculum and One-Week in Professional Selling.

Professional Representative Certification (PRC)

As a requirement, all medical sales representatives must complete industry credentialing prior to entering an operating room. Knowing hospital protocol and operating room etiquette is a must. Most company sponsored training programs spend less than a day covering this subject matter. At the Medical Sales College, we offer the best-trained professional representatives for the benefit of the employer, hospital and patient safety. In addition, as a selling representative, you work with several departments at the hospital. In our PRC certification, a student of the Medical Sales College takes it a step further. Students attending Specialty or Master courses will spend ½ a day touring all departments at a local area hospital. You will meet and discuss representative responsibilities with hospital personnel. A typical representative learns by trial and error. At the Medical Sales College we want to give you every advantage to succeed. We take no chances. Outside of hospital protocol and operating room etiquette, we also cover industry regulations.

Biologics Represent the Next Frontier in Orthopaedics

One of the fast growing segments in medical sales is biologics. With the introduction of new technologies such as: stem cells, amniotic tissue membrane, synthetics and newer allografts are changing the landscape. Most representatives in the field have a low-degree of understanding in this area. Like PRC, most company sponsored training programs spend less than one day on biologics (some as little as a couple of hours). At the Medical Sales College, we understand that an expert in biologics is high in demand. We spend the time necessary to get you more than just acquainted with biologics.

Specialty Curriculum

We have approved specialty curriculum in: Orthopaedic Reconstruction &Trauma, Orthopaedic Extremities, Sports Medicine and Spine. During this dedicated three-weeks, of your six-week specialty course, you will learn the specifics necessary to have the required knowledge of this specialty for consideration of employment.

Course:  Vocabulary
Course:  Anatomy
Course:  Biomechanics
Course:  Medical Terminology
Course:  Pathology
Course:  Procedures
Course:  Medical Instrumentation
Course:  Products

Dynamic Consultative Selling

In early 2011, the Medical Sales College through Jim Rogers introduced the first-ever industry selling platform – DCS. This selling methodology was built using input of several orthopedic surgeons. DCS was built for medical device sales not general selling.

Dynamic – High Activity, Energy, Effective Action
Consultative – Consultant, Expert, Professional Advice
Selling – Product, Yourself

The demand of DCS was immediate. Over 20 leading medical device companies participated in corporate sponsored training for their existing selling representatives. With more than 2,000 representatives trained on DCS, it is now the largest and most popular selling platform available for the medical sales industry.


In 2016, the Medical Sales College launched its affiliation with MDRepTrack (MDRT). MDRT was designed as a game-changing software system specifically built for the medical device industry. The software will assist the Medical Sales College student in three distinct ways. First, it works as an electronic textbook for our graduates to maintain all of the information learned at the Medical Sales College. Second, it makes the graduates of the Medical Sales College more prepared for an interview as a highly differentiated candidate. Lastly, it is a fully functioning CRM system that will assist in the success of a representative while in the field. The graduates of the Medical Sales College are getting access to this software before the commercial launch to device manufactures.