Meritize Financing
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Your Financing Options with Meritize

Medical Sales College is pleased to partner with Meritize Financial to offer educational loans to our students attending “all on-campus programs”.

Meritize is a unique academic lender that bases its loan approvals not only on traditional credit scores, but also using a student’s academic performance. The company looks beyond traditional credit data and taps into students’ academic data history to expand and enhance loan options, offering loans with better terms that may not even require a cosigner. Especially if you have thin credit or no credit profile, you might benefit from a Meritize loan. And even if your academic record isn’t perfect, Meritize will work with you to customize a loan that meets your specific needs.

A Meritize Loan:

  • Uses Academic Data for Better Loan Options
  • Offers Expedited Approval Process (typically 2-3 business days)
  • Can be Repaid Over 5 or 10 Years
  • Has No Prepayment Penalty
  • Can Cover Your Cost of Attendance
  • Provides Full In-School Deferment Option
  • Offers 90-Day Payback Grace Period

We are pleased to work alongside Meritize to offer financing opportunities for Medical Sales College students. For more information please visit