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How difficult is it to get hired without previous medical device sales experience?

We know of only one study that has ever been published about the statistics of getting hired in medical device sales. In this study, it looked at all backgrounds of applicants applying for jobs in medical devices.  In conclusion, it stated that less than 1% of all applicants will ever get into medical device sales. Based on our internal team of former medical device executives, we believe that it is even less than that. Job postings typically receive between 200-300 resumes. Only one candidate gets hired.

How much will the Medical Sales College improve my chances of getting hired?

Based on our most current placement statistics, those actively looking for jobs post graduating from the Medical Sales College are seeing an 77.57% placement rate (all students including inactive). This would indicate that attending the Medical Sales College at minimum, will improve your chances well over 100%. Another way to look at this would be the following. Without the Medical Sales College, you have a 1 out of 100 chance of securing a job in medical device sales. Post the Medical Sales College, this number significantly increases to 77 out of 100 chance of securing employment. Thus making you at least 77 times more likely to be employed.

Why the demand from employers for Medical Sales College graduates? 

When hired in medical device sales, a new representative brings nothing to the table. Meaning, you have no current business or immediate revenue impact. In fact, a new hire represents just the opposite. It’s a drain on internal resources both time and money. The Medical Sales College offers a new approach to this dilemma. Versus a traditional new hire, the MSC graduate already has the equivalency of 12-18 months in the field from day one. This significantly limits the resources needed while having a quicker impact on increasing revenue. They have familiarity to industry vernacular, a completed business plan, and have completed all requirements for industry representative credentialing required to even enter a hospital or facility. They get a fully committed representative that has invested in themselves. Best of all, the representative has been evaluated by the Medical Sales College, eliminating bad hires. In eight weeks, the Medical Sales College will have learned all attributes about the candidate. Furthermore, it’s FREE to the hiring manager.

This would likely explain why we now have over 1,400 employers that have registered to hire our graduates.

How successful are students finding employment post-graduation of the Medical Sales College? 

Although our placement rate for a Medical Sales College graduate is very high, now with the launch of our new proprietary software (ZeroFee Recruiting), results and the amount of time to find a job are nearly unbelievable. As a licensed and regulated college, we are required to post and send all placement statistics to the Department of Higher Education DPOS. Therefore, we track placement activity through evaluation of two groups. The first group is candidates that have attended the Medical Sales College and are actively seeking employment in medical sales. We call this group – All Available Candidates. The second group is candidates that have attended the Medical Sales College and for whatever reason, have requested no recruitment activity, refuse to communicate, or take interviews. This could be directly related to the candidate taking a position outside of medical sales, former industry or just no desire to continue pursuing a job in medical sales.

How quickly after graduating the Medical Sales College can you expect employment?

In the past, we quoted that a high percentage of our graduates will be employed in the first 90 days. With the launch of our automated recruitment system (ZeroFee Recruiting), now ALL hiring managers are being alerted upon the day of your graduation. Most graduating students since launch of software are having multiple interviews in the first week post-graduation. We are expecting that many will now be hired in the first 30-days post completion of course. As mentioned in the FAQ’s, with limited available graduates, we are seeing employers view our candidates through tracking views on ZeroFee Recruiting at a staggering number. Just in the last 60 days, employers have viewed our limited available graduates more than 2,500 times. This would explain the recent high number of interviews per candidate. 

What are the students of the Medical Sales College saying about their experiences?

At the Medical Sales College, we offer more access to our graduates and their experiences than any other college. As part of the enrollment process, we will give you several student references similar to your background and in your specific geographic area. Outside of this, you can find many reviews on our website. To help answer questions you might have about our programs, you can find more than 100 students who have answered several questions about their experience not only at the Medical Sales College but after they graduated. You can find those at: http://www.medicalsalescollege.com/testimonial/. We also encourage you to join our Facebook page. This is another great resource to hear from former students. We provide the most current student placement information on that page: https://www.facebook.com/medicalsalescollege


What will I learn at the Medical Sales College?

Graduates of the Medical Sales College are prepared to be productive members of the sales team from day one. By the end of a program, students will have acquired skills relating to:

  • Vocabulary
  • Anatomy
  • Biomechanics
  • Pathology
  • Surgical Procedures
  • Surgical Products
  • Operating Room Protocol
  • Diagnostic Imaging
  • Surgeon Profiling
  • Product Differentiation
  • Mapping the Sales Call
  • Competitive Profiling
  • Initiating Conversations
  • Moving the Sales Forward
  • 30-60-90 Day Business Plans
  • Territory Development
  • Repetitive Role-Play Scenarios

In just weeks, MSC graduates develop a comprehensive understanding of their specialization and what it takes to succeed in medical device sales. More importantly, they develop the confidence to have meaningful, high-value conversations with their surgeon customers.

What programs are available at the Medical Sales College?

We offer several different programs to fit the individual needs of our applicants. We have courses that can be completed in as little as 8 weeks, and can be completed at any of our campuses or online.

As a licensed college, programs are listed by college credit hours (degree granting institutions) or contact hours (non-degree granting institutions). All of our approved programs are listed under the following contact hours:

8-Week Specialty Programs (8-Weeks All on Campus)
Available in Orthopaedic Reconstruction Trauma, Orthopaedic Extremity, Sports Medicine or Spine.

  • Professional Representative Certification – 40 classroom hours
  • Advanced Orthobiologics – 40 classroom hours
  • Selected Specialty Instruction (Reconstruction, Extremities, Sports Medicine or Spine) – 220 classroom hours
  • Professional Selling Course – 40 classroom hours

8-Week Online Orthobiologics Program
Online Program (7-Weeks Online and 4 days on Campus)

  • Professional Representative Certification
  • Bone Biology and Healing
  • Bone Graft Substitutes and Tissue Banking
  • Amnion, Wound and Dermal Matrices
  • Soft Tissue Biology, Healing and Repair – Tendon and Ligament
  • Cartilage Biology, Healing and Repair
  • Biologics in Spine – Surgeon Led Course
  • Biologics in Reconstruction – Surgeon Led Course
  • Biologics in Extremities – Surgeon Led Course
  • Biologics in Sports Medicine – Surgeon Led Course
  • Advanced Sales Training and Professional Selling Course

To learn more about the programs offered visit our Programs Overview page.

Can I work full-time while I’m completing the online course?

Yes. We estimate that you will spend approximately 20-hours a week completing the “at-home” portion of your studies. However, this is considered a self-paced program so you have flexibility with when and how you complete this work. While challenging, it is manageable to continue working full-time until you come to Denver. Obviously, we encourage all students to take the “at-home” portion very seriously. The more time you invest in your studies while at home, the more prepared you will be when you get to Denver.

How is the “at-home” curriculum structured? 

You will receive a curriculum that you will work on independently and at your own pace throughout the week. For the 8-Week Online Orthobiologics Program you will be required twice a week to “conference in” for the webinar calls with your instructor and classmates. Additionally, there will be homework activities for you to complete and turn in on a weekly basis that consist of vocabulary, anatomy, research activities, essays, and surgeon profiling.

Which specialty should I choose?

The course you elect to participate in is determined by a number of factors:

  • Which specialization is of most interest to you?
  • What is your background and experience?
  • Where do you hope to work after graduating from MSC? (What geographical location?)
  • What kinds of opportunities have historically been available to graduates in your territory of preference?
  • What other graduate candidates are available in your territory of preference and how were they trained?
  • When do you want to begin your program?

All of these things (and more) are taken into consideration when you make the determination of which program may be most appropriate. We encourage you to speak with a student advisor at Medical Sales College to get more information about the programs that are enrolling and the specific areas where opportunities are currently available to graduates of MSC.


What is the cost of the program?

Tuition is determined by the type of class you elect to enroll in. Please see our Tuition and Admissions page to learn more.

Does tuition need to be paid up front?

A $500 deposit is needed to secure a spot in most courses. Full tuition payment is due a minimum of 30 days prior to the start of class.

What methods can I use to pay for the program?

We accept cash, check, or credit card payments made with Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express.


How is the Medical Sales College perceived with hiring managers?

We believe our track-record of student placements answers that question. However, let us expand. You can use several data points to answer that question. First, let’s talk about current demand. Hopefully, as a prospective student you have spent time reviewing our website. For job placement, look no further than our ZeroFee Recruiting on the home page. This is a proprietary software that was launched in May 2016. Since the launch, we have now received more than 1,400 employer registrations to hire our graduates. Based on our available graduates on 06/30/2018, this is almost 29 times our available supply. MSC graduates have received more than 2,500 views on this site just in the last 60 days. This recruitment software is only available to our students. Next, review our current Placed Graduates List – http://www.medicalsalescollege.com/placed-graduates/. This is a comprehensive list of the large majority of our graduates, along with pictures, names and hiring companies. You will see all the major device companies hiring our graduates. Lastly, if you review the website, you will notice that we have completed corporate training (both technical as well as sales training) for more than 20 different companies.


How is the Medical Sales College perceived with medical sales recruiters?

Internal recruiters love the Medical Sales College and this can be verified through viewing the registrations to hire our graduates on ZeroFee Recruiting. Nearly all major device national internal recruitment teams have registered. External recruiters are NOT a fan of the Medical Sales College for obvious reasons. Upon inception, there were more than 600 independent recruitment companies in medical sales. Today only a fraction of that list are still in business. The Medical Sales College offers a superior candidate with no recruitment cost. Therefore, since inception, external recruiters attempted to combat the Medical Sales College through erroneous and anonymous blogging. Originally for 2011 – 2013 you could find blogging aimed at disparaging our reputation. Post 2013, the recruiters were either out of business or just gave up.


Is the Medical Sales College an actual college?

Yes. In 2010, the Medical Sales College applied for licensure through the Colorado Department of Higher Education – Responsible for the administration of and strategic planning for the state college and university system of Colorado. The Division of Private Occupational Schools (DPOS) is an agency within the Department of Higher Education and the licensing and regulatory arm for non-degree granting programs such as the Medical Sales College. The mission statement directly from the website defines the mission of the division is to implement the directives of the General assembly, to provide standards for and to foster and improve private occupational schools and their educational services, and to protect the citizens against fraudulent or substandard private occupational schools.

On December 7th, 2010, the Medical Sales College was granted a Provisional Certification of Approval (one-year) – http://highered.colorado.gov/DPOS/Board/Meetings/Minutes/2010/dec10.pdf

On May 22nd, 2012, the Medical Sales College was granted a Standard Certificate of Approval (three-years) –


On May 26th, 2015, the Medical Sales College was granted a Standard Certificate of Approval (three-years) –


On May 22nd, 2018 the Medical Sales College was granted a Standard Certificate of Approval (three-years) –



What does the Department of Higher Education DPOS require for licensing and regulation?

To receive approval, an educational entity must follow strict requirements. Upon submitting an application, several sections must be completed. School demographics, school agents, surety information, required disclosures, course syllabus, required evaluator reports of entire curriculum, inventory of equipment to be used, list of text books, list of reference materials, financial documents, safety inspection, advertising materials, course catalog, enrollment agreement, instructor credentials, instructor list and more. All of this information is then presented to the board of the Department of Higher Education DPOS. A board meeting is held monthly in which applications are presented and discussed for approval.

How does the Department of Higher Education DPOS protect students?

As a licensed, regulated and bonded college, students are protected in many ways. With a required license, a student can be confident that the education has been reviewed and determined to be beneficial. With regulation, each college is required to file both quarterly and annual reports with the department. Regulations require an annual bond calculation, verification of surety, instructor forms, graduation data and most important, placement statistics. The department routinely performs on-site visitation of the approved college.

Lastly, the most important protection for students is the surety bond. This is a bond that protects all students in the event of school closure, student dispute or refund required to the student. The bond amount is dictated by student enrollment and ensures full coverage of all tuition collected. The Medical Sales College has posted a $300,000 bond for your protection.

How can I verify the current status of the Medical Sales College and Student Complaint History?

As a licensed college, we are required to follow strict rules related to handling of student complaints. Upon receipt, we must file a complaint form. As an alternative, a student can directly file a complaint (as outlined in our enrollment agreement) with the Department of Higher Education DPOS online. Our outstanding history can be verified along with our licensing by contacting the Department of Higher Education DPOS @ 303.862.3001.


How do I apply for the Medical Sales College?

You can apply online at www.medicalsalescollege.com/apply. The application is quite brief. Our interview process is intended to determine if we will be a good fit for one another.

How many applicants do you usually accept?

Typically, about 25% of our applicants are invited into the program. Our goal is to provide access to higher educational opportunities that enable our students to enter and succeed in the field of medical device sales. With that said, the medical device industry is not for everyone. Our application process is designed to prepare prospective students for the demands associated with this industry and to be sure that their experience, presentation, and attitude are in line with industry expectations.

What is the application process?

The Medical Sales College is NOT an open enrollment program. All interested parties are encouraged to apply for acceptance. Once we receive your application, the process moves quickly to fill limited available course openings.

  1. Once your application is submitted, within 24-48 hours you will be contacted by our team to conduct a 30-45 minute interview
  1. You will be scheduled with the placement services team that will spend time explaining our placement process (post-graduation) and evaluate your application for enrollment.
  1. Your final call will conclude with the Director of Admissions that will discuss determine your acceptance and answer any specific questions that you might have for enrollment.

The goal would be to determine if you are a good fit for the Medical Sales College and if the Medical Sales College is a good fit for you.

What is the Medical Sales College looking for in the candidate?

Our candidate acceptance is based on several factors.

  1. The background of the candidate – Each candidate is evaluated based on his or her specific experience. We do not require previous medical sales experience, sales experience or clinical experience, although any of those might be a factor in your acceptance. We have assisted in education and placement of literally hundreds of candidates with no experience at all, including recent college graduates.
  1. The location of the candidate for employment – Each candidate is considered based on desired or preferred location for work. Due to the high number of applicants, we can select a candidate where they are the only available candidate in a specific area for our employers. Therefore, the selected candidate has little to no competition from other Medical Sales College graduates.
  1. The ability to interview – Like all interviews, we are looking for the right candidate. A major benefit to our registered employers is the pre-screening locating the best available medical sales candidates across the nation.

Do I have to have a Bachelor’s Degree to be accepted to the college? 

We do not require a Bachelor’s Degree for acceptance into MSC. If you do not have a Bachelor’s Degree, your sales or clinical background and experience should be exceptionally strong.

How many students are in each class?

On average, there are 20 students in each Program. We strive to keep the instructor to student ratio low, so that students can receive individual attention and feedback. However, we also believe that a generous class size allows for more interaction and a spirit of healthy competition. You may find your class will join other classes for common areas of instruction.

Will I receive a degree when I graduate?

No. Students receive a “Certificate of Completion”. We would like to note that this document provides proof that a student has successfully completed a Medical Sales College program. There is no required “certification” to become a medical sales representative. Our programs, and graduates of our programs, are recognized by medical device hiring managers because of the skills they have developed and the level of preparation they receive while at MSC.

How many students do not make it through your program? 

It is very rare that a student does not graduate from MSC. There is an academic standard of maintaining at least a 70% grade point average in order to successfully complete the program. If a student is unable to complete the program for personal reasons, they may be invited to return at a subsequent time to complete their training.

When do classes start?

Each specialization is usually offered several times each year. To view the current course schedule Click Here.



Don’t orthopaedic companies offer product training?

Most companies do offer product training but it is often very short in duration – a few days long or, at most, a few weeks long. Also, you may not receive that training until you have been in the field for several months. In the meantime, you will be expected to sell.

When sales reps do go to product training, it can be as competitive as the selling environment itself. Again, if you already have a strong foundation relating to anatomy, physiology, pathology, and have been exposed to the products and the procedures those products are used in, you can concentrate on internalizing the information unique to your product line.

One last point, you have to get hired before you get any training at all. Therefore, you need to beat out all other applicants, which is the first stumbling block.

Should I be concerned about my age?

That is another difficult question to answer. Hiring managers have very different hiring preferences. One manager may want someone just out of school who they can “mold” into a great sales rep, while others prefer to hire sales reps that have a significant amount of prior sales experience and a demonstrated “track record” of success. In many instances a hiring manager knows that relationships or building a relationship with your surgeon customer is key. With the average age of a surgeon between 50-60, this is why medical sales can be a good second-career for many.

Ultimately, hiring managers are looking for professional, assertive sales reps who are not afraid to ask for the business and who will be well received by surgeon customers. They also want to be sure that their investment in you will provide them with returns. You don’t want to be perceived as a “short-term” hire – for any reason.



*It is still every student’s responsibility to secure his or her own accommodations while on campus studying. If you would like suggestions for other options, please let us know.
*These rates are not available on Last Room Availability basis
*Please mention you are a student at the school to receive discounted room rates.


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