Advanced Structured Selling

$2,300 – Per Representative
59 Hours – On Campus (Includes lodging & meals)
Cadaver Lab Optional (additional costs)

Medical Sales College is pleased to offer the only Advanced Structured Selling Course dedicated and created for your medical sales representatives. This course was designed by industry selling professionals along with help of more than 100 practicing surgeons. This program is based on the principals of “Value Selling”. Each participant completes four days of curriculum that encompasses:

  • Surgeon Targeting
  • Surgeon Profiling
  • Hospital / Facility Profiling
  • Conversational Starters
  • Procedure Profiling
  • Product Profiling
  • Competitive Product Profiling
  • Validation Selling
  • Keyword Selling
  • Territory Planning
  • Video Role-Playing

This program will focus your representative on “new customer acquisition”. Each representative leaves with multiple customer targets and are ready to transition business.

Results are expected in just weeks! Enroll Today!