A typical medical device sales position requires previous industry experience. We replicate that experience required with our industry recognized training programs!


Each applicant is evaluated based on their specific experience and background. Previous medical sales experience is not a requirement to attend as it is the goal of MSC to provide this often-required industry experience. We are interested in your aptitude to sell or sales experience, ability to learn complex clinical material, strength to build relationships, work ethic and competitive drive. It doesn’t matter if you are a recent college graduate, transitioning military professional, experienced selling professional or have minimal sales or clinical background. We are interested in your experience and skill sets which would allow you to become a successful medical device sales professional. A Bachelor’s Degree is preferred but not a requirement with prior sales experience. 


Please take a few minutes to complete our application for student enrollment.  You will be asked to select a desired course and we advise you to submit a recent resume with your application. You will not be required to commit to a course date or location until you have been interviewed and accepted into the program. Once we receive your application, you will be contacted within 24-48 hours by our team to schedule and conduct a 30-45 minute phone interview. During this call, an industry representative will evaluate you as a candidate for enrollment, answer any questions you may have about our programs and the medical device sales industry, and explain what it is like to be a student. Tuition and financing will also be discussed. The goal of this interview will be to determine if you are a good fit to attend as a student, and to ensure the program is a good fit for you.

Next, you will be scheduled to attend a live webinar hosted by our Placement Services team to discuss medical device companies and hiring managers currently employing our graduates, locations/job market across the U.S., and how we assist our graduates in getting hired. Finally, upon review of your resume, a licensed agent of the state will determine your acceptance. If you have been accepted, you will be asked to make a final decision in selecting a campus location, program, and start date.