Richard Jones

Admissions Representative

Richard Jones is a seasoned veteran of 8 years in regards to admissions, retention, and academic progression of students. In addition, he has earned a Communications/Public Relations/Broadcasting Bachelors of Science in 2008 from East Carolina University and in 2012 he earned a Masters in Human Resource Management from DeVry Business University. Furthermore, he has earned Magna Cum Laude with both degrees and aspires to complete his PhD in Organizational Diversity with an emphasis in Psychology sometime in the future. Otherwise, he is an avid automobile connoisseur so, in his spare time he leads the Colorado chapter of one the largest nationally known car clubs in America. Besides that, he has a lovely wife named Diva of 10 years and 2 energetic dogs affectionately called Sadie Bing and Derrick Bang. Richard and his wife along with his father in law currently reside in Aurora, Colorado a nice spacious home in the suburbs which he has been living in for 4 years. Traveling with his wife Diva, working on his project Camaro, playing Xbox One, and just enjoying his close friends and relatives is what he indescribably defines as entertaining and adventurous. Cogito Sum Ergo.