Thiana comes to us with 15+ years experience in Orthopedics device and Biologics. She began with DepuyMitek in 2001, as an associate sales rep, covering 4 full line reps across Southern California, and was responsible for sales and surgical support.

She proved herself by becoming the go-to member of the team and was promoted to full line sales rep in the Inland Empire after a short 3 months. Thiana grew her territory quickly and won Rookie of the Year, and was appointed Field Sales Trainer. Over the course of 3 years she made M Club multiple times, and was awarded MVP when the Southwest team took Division of the Year in 2003.

She took a year hiatus from Orthopedics in 2004 and dove into pacer sales for Guidant (now Boston Scientific). Though successful, she realized her heart belonged in Orthopedics and returned to join SCOR Medical, DepuyMitek’s independent distributor in S. Cal as an independent rep.

Thiana took a barren Mitek territory, the new Arthrosurface line, and sought out extremities (Nexa/Tornier) and biologics (tissue, bone, PRP, stem cells) lines to complete her bag, and began to grow her market share. Over the next 7 years, Thiana held the distributor’s biologics trainer and Mitek’s field sales trainer position, and connected many of her surgeons to the variety of companies she represented. She won additional awards for sales performance, and her persistence in foot & ankle arena won her business from the 2 busiest subtler DPMs in the US. In 2010, Thiana was asked to represent SCOR Medical as a new and competitive product panel member at the DepuyMitek national sales meeting.

After SCOR Medical won Distributor of the Year in 2012, she was offered a position as Director of Medical Education with Arthrex within their S.Cal distributor, where she trained new reps and created Continuing Education programs for veteran reps across Sports Medicine, Extremities, Biologics, and Capital Equipment sub-specialties. She developed their first onboarding program, held training labs for reps, as well as professional education didactic sessions and wet labs for surgeons. She was also responsible for the UC Irvine Orthopedics Residency lab on the Arthrex side, and frequently participated in Grand Rounds.

In 2014, Thiana accepted a position with the up and coming Cayenne Medical as the Southwest Regional Sales & Education Manager, so she could extend her reach outside of CA, and help more teams succeed. She was asked to participate in R&D and Marketing meeting frequently, and when sales of their flagship product dipped, she developed a new and opposite approach to position the product as was the only RM to regain lost business, and in turn winning an award.

In her most recent position, she is President of her distributorship and maintains a full OrthoBiologics line, and turns to tackle macro healthcare issues by linking providers to their communities and helping the less fortunate get the services needed as part of a start-up non-profit foundation team.