Tuition Information

The Medical Sales College (MSC) offers several courses designed to support all candidates interested in obtaining a position in medical device sales. We have courses that can be completed in as little as 8-weeks, start as low as $6,000. We have all available programs for your review below.

Admission Criteria

A typical medical device position requires previous industry experience. At the Medical Sales College (MSC), we replace that requirement with our recognized industry training. Our ideal candidate is one without previous device sales experience, committed to obtaining a career in device sales, willing to put in the required work at the Medical Sales College. Selection of the RIGHT applicant is our key to success.

Admission Process

Since inception in 2010, Medical Sales College (MSC) has received more than 7,000 applications for enrollment. We have accepted and trained more than 1,300 students. Our selection process is very detailed ensuring selection of the best possible candidates.

Our Interview of You!

Once your application is received, you will be scheduled for three interviews. The first interview is between you and the Medical Sales College. In this interview, MSC will make a decision if you are a good fit for our program and employing partners.

Recruiter Interview of YOU!

The second interview will be between you and our job placement team. In this interview, our recruiter will make sure that your background and location is a good fit with our current employers. You will get to see our current employers and how they work directly with the Medical Sales College graduates.

Employer Interview of YOU!

With more than 900 current employers registered to hire directly from our program, it is imperative that we select the right candidate. You will likely interview prior to acceptance into our program with a leading hiring manager in the orthopedic device industry. The goal of this interview is for a current industry employer to provide MSC with candid feedback about you as a candidate for medical device sales.

Our current industry employer assisting the Medical Sales College:

John Grandizio
National Recruiter
Smith & Nephew Orthopedics


ALL Available Programs – Medical Sales College

8-Week Specialty Programs – ALL ON CAMPUS

Certification Earned: MSC Medical Sales Certification
Course Format: 8-Weeks On-Campus
Course Tuition: $10,750
Placement Rate: 79.00%
Placement Rate Adjusted:94.82%
Students Placed: 824 out of 1043 Placed
Course Started: 2011
Courses Available: Orthopaedic Reconstruction/Trauma – Orthopaedic Extremities – Sports Medicine – Spine

Overview: The Specialty Course continues as our most popular selection. After eight-weeks (Full-Time) of on-campus instruction, each candidate will have a very detailed working knowledge of his or her selected specialty. Professional Representative Certification (PRC), Biologics, Specialty Curriculum and Professional Selling will all be mastered. During the course, each candidate will utilize MDRepTrack our exclusive software program highly-differentiating our students for successful entrance into medical device sales. At the conclusion, the successful graduate will have access to our ZeroFee Recruiting program. This directly connects our graduate with hiring managers in their respective area.


8-Week Online OrthoBiologics Program – ONLINE

Distance Learning
Certification Earned: MSC Medical Sales Certification
Course Formats: 8-Weeks (7 Weeks At-Home Study followed by 5 days On-Campus)
Course Tuition: $6,000
Placement Rate: 60.26% (Former Online Program)
Placement Rate Adjusted: 84.15% (Former Online Program)
Students Placed: 138 out of 239 Placed (Former Online Program)
Course Started: Revised May of 2018

Overview: In May 2018, the Medical Sales College revised our popular 10-week academy online program moving from an industry overview course of multiple specialties (Orthopedic Reconstruction, Orthopedic Extremities and Sports Medicine) to a very specialized orthobiologics or regenerative medicine curriculum. Our goal for any interested candidate is for them to participate in our campus program with significant hands-on experience. However, we realize that all interested parties do not have the ability to attend one of our ten-campus locations and therefore need an online program. However, it is our experience that in order to adequately learn orthopedic devices, significant hands-on experience (multiple campus weeks) is required. This can be seen with the lower placement rate of our previous graduates (versus on campus programs). Now in 2018, we have built a world-class OrthoBiologics program that fits perfectly with an online format. The purpose of this was to provide graduates with higher employment opportunities while providing the industry with a much needed trained specialist in this field. Regardless of the orthopedic device sales position, almost every sales representative is required to sell biologics. It is our goal to have the most proficient and well-trained biologics representatives in the industry.



Placement rate is calculated by the total number of placed graduates divided by the number of total graduates. This is a current placement rate based on graduates as of 01/01/2018. This includes every available graduate since the inception of the Medical Sales College.

Available Graduate

Once a Medical Sales College student completes their enrolled course, they become an available graduate for employment in medical device sales. At this point, they will register for our exclusive recruitment software – ZeroFee Recruiting. Medical Sales College as well our placement services partner EliteMed Recruiting will continue to provide recruitment and placement services assistance until our student graduate is placed in medical sales. They remain as an available graduate until they request an inactive status or do not respond for interview opportunities.

Inactive Graduate

In some instances, a graduate of the Medical Sales College will request an inactive status. The most common example is when a student graduate accepts a position in their former profession and no longer has an interest as a medical device sales representative. We also declare a student inactive when they refuse to respond to the Medical Sales College for an interview opportunity. Clearly, we cannot place those that will not accept interviews with our industry partners. Continued education or required military service would be another reason for an inactive status.

Placement Rate of All Students

Although not the best accurate measurement of our placement rate, the following includes all students that have attended the Medical Sales College including both available and inactive candidates.

All Courses without Online = 78.83% (905 Placements out of 1148 Students)
Online Courses (10-Week Academy) = 60.26% (138 Placements out of 229 Students)