Programs Overview – Students

The medical device industry is an extremely demanding and competitive one, but at the Medical Sales College our specialty programs are here to ensure that your transition into this industry is a successful one. You might think that it takes months, or even years, to prepare for a position in medical device sales, but that would be a misconception. In our comprehensive proven programs, students develop the very specific skill set that positions them for success in device sales. It is this skill set that makes our graduates attractive to hiring managers and accelerates their progress in the field.

The Medical Sales College has successfully trained hundreds of Industry and Non-Industry Representatives over the last six years. If you are new to medical sales, or trying to start a career in medical sales, then we are certain we can help you establish and more importantly; succeed in that career. If you already are in medical device sales, and are looking to improve your performance, then we have several programs designed to improve your skill.


All courses have been reviewed and approved through the Department of Higher Education. In non-degree vocational programs, approvals are awarded for contact hours versus traditional credit hours. In most instances, 16 contact hours are equivalent to 1 credit hour.

340 Contact Hours (21 credit hours) – Specialty Courses

8-Weeks – All Campus Learning

This is an accelerated learning environment. This is the quickest way to complete the course and start your career in medical sales. Under this learning format, each student attends the entire 8 weeks onsite at any of our campus locations. The course is Monday through Friday and is fulltime.

Courses Available (all highlighted with links)

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