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Boasting A 90% Placement Rate For 2011 & 2012 Graduates!

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If you are looking for a career in medical sales, you have found the right company.
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As the only licensed, approved and regulated college providing medical sales education in the United States, follow the footsteps of more than 1,000 other students that have utilized the resources of the Medical Sales College as an avenue for entrance and success into this lucrative and exciting career.

Our graduates learn from the most experienced instructors in the industry. As a graduate you have the opportunity to use state-of-the-art implants and instrumentation through lab based education. This can include students working on cadavers, faux bones and attending live surgery with our surgeon faculty. To ensure comprehension, each graduate will have the opportunity to use the skills learned by participating in role-plays and activities designed to simulate real-world sales calls with surgeons.     SEE ONE - DO ONE - TEACH ONE

Why Do Companies Like to Hire Our Graduates?

It’s no secret that a medical sales career is a challenging yet rewarding job. Managers who need to add sales reps to their teams are looking for people who are professional, competent, and motivated. Furthermore, they need people who can contribute immediately to their company’s bottom line. Our students have demonstrated their commitment to this industry by investing their time, money, and energy. Hiring managers appreciate this fact

Unlike traditional education, the Medical Sales College has invested a significant amount of resources in placement activities for our graduates.

Med Sales Career

Medical Sales Career was designed as an adjunct to placement services for the graduates of the Medical Sales College. In most cases two career fair events per week are being conducted throughout the country. Over the course of the last few years, the Medical Sales College has invested more than $2 million dollars in building relationships with hiring managers in the field of medical sales. Now with more than 4,400 contacts with medical sales hiring managers, each graduate has exposure to hundreds of opportunities.

At each medical sales career fair event, we host the top names in medical sales. To learn more about these events please see:

Med Sales Job

Med Sales Job was designed to provide access for our graduates to more than 1,000 available jobs in medical sales. Each position is directly from the company and eliminates the roadblock of a traditional recruiter. This site allows our graduates to apply directly with the company through the provided links on the website. This is a free service offered to our graduates.

For a limited time, please take a look at the site:

MSC Placement Services

We have two additional unique processes for graduates at the Medical Sales College. Upon completion of our program, each successful graduate within days will be presented to all available hiring managers in their respective specialty and territory through our more than 4,400 contacts that reside in our technology platform. Our placement services software gives immediate access to promote our graduates at a push of the button.

Graduates have access to EliteMed Recruiting that offers traditional recruitment services for our graduates. As an exclusive placement services provider for the Medical Sales College, EliteMed has been responsible for hundreds of placements of our graduates making EliteMed the largest recruitment company in medical sales.

To learn more about EliteMed, please see:

Let’s face it… If you’re considering a training program at the Medical Sales College, you’re interested in finding a job in medical sales! Here we celebrate the success of our graduates who are now representing products for dozens of medical device companies…

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